PR Strategy

We develop strategic approaches and suitable targeting for your corporate messages.

Awareness – the currency of the future
What does it take to optimally address media on all platforms and the relevant stakeholder touchpoints? The answer: an authentic and differentiated PR strategy.

We make your company’s voice heard by identifying opportunities and risks, analyzing opinions, applying our in-depth market expertise, and jointly developing both an internal and external communications strategy in close exchange. In times when crises become a constant state of affairs, companies have to speak out – whether in the field of finance, real estate, IT or industry.


Seybold GmbH

Where are you right now and where do you intend to be? That was the first question we asked Seybold GmbH at the beginning of our cooperation. We analyzed these goals, elaborated them and transformed them into quantifiable measures. The result: a new website with tailored messages, cross-media content, professional employer branding, and we are already optimizing digital sales.

To the Case

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