We advise and inspire companies. We create content and stories that make a difference and raise awareness among the media, stakeholders and influencers.


Media channels, platforms and related data insights, means of communication and touchpoints grow rapidly. The question of how to adequately position their business is becoming ever more important for companies. Suitable messages need to be cleverly orchestrated. Otherwise authentic communication that stands out will not be possible – and your target markets and target groups will not become aware of you. Based on this conviction, we advise businesses and develop communication strategies that raise awareness and strengthen reputations.

Thought Leadership

Inspiring visions, convincing expertise: We believe that thought leadership equals awareness. No matter if relating to companies or people, thought leadership needs to be rooted in a value system, corporate Identity and a brand strategy. We advise management and corporate communication departments on thought leadership strategies and agenda setting as well as on their efficient implementation.

Public Relations

We turn products, innovations and strategies into impactful messages that reach the right people on all media channels, including social, at the right time. To make sure that they talk about it, report it and share it. We support your product launches, events or comprehensive PR projects. Companies and institutions trust our PR advisers and network when it comes to relevant and credible communication that reaches a wide audience.


Hidden Champions, international institutions and the financial industry are looking for our axpertise when communication is a really relevant issue: Relevant to the reputation, relevant to gain trust of external and internal stakeholders. With our many years of experience, we support and accompany communication in periods of changes and transactions.

Content Creation and PR-Campaigning

Together with our clients, we develop content that works across platforms, using storytelling that makes brands tangible and inspires employees and customers. Our editors, graphic designers and specialists for digital and video support content seeding, format development and implementation, no matter if digital, print, video, audio and blogs, customer and employee publications or annual reports.

Media Monitoring

In times when information is distributed within seconds, media monitoring has become the ultimate challenge in corporate communication. We provide 24/7 monitoring services and cover all media types and platforms for any country in the world, using the best suppliers and cutting-edge analytics tools. On this basis, we can evaluate how companies are perceived and prepare individual results.

Social and Digital Marketing

Together with brands, businesses and institutions we build new channels and analyse existing ones. We provide editorial planning and distribute targeted PR-campaigns and formats on social media networks, including cross media, organic and paid, to directly communicate with multipliers, stakeholders, investors and customers.