Thought Leadership

Take a stand, define values and make a difference - we position you and your company as opinion leaders.

We make your voice heard
Are you already an expert in your discipline, but only a few people know about your expertise? Well, no problem, because we manage thought leadership strategies, agenda setting and its efficient implementation.

The world is full of challenges and often the solutions are not obvious. But some smart people who have enormous expertise in a field are ahead of their time in terms of thinking and already have innovative solution strategies in their mind – we’ll position you accordingly. The currency for thought leadership: competence and trust.



Lifelong curiosity, strong knowledge and innovation, as well as deep roots in Heilbronn as a future location – when it comes to career-integrating master’s degree programs, DHBW CAS is the first choice in Baden-Württemberg: transporting the wide range of expertise in the various disciplines and making it better known throughout Germany is the approach of a topic-driven, high-frequency agenda setting: Making career paths and duality tangible, and the minds behind the degree programs visible.

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