The big comeback of press relations

Is it possible to convey important messages to stakeholders via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Co? Yes but not without the support of expert press relations, in particular when it comes to B2B communication.

This has many reasons. For one, social networks suffer from a certain kind of information overload, i.e., too much content for not enough people. To be heard on such platforms is now much more difficult than five years ago. The times of sure-fire successes are over.

In this ever-growing sea of content, important sector publications and leading newspapers are now becoming more important. They provide context and orientation, in particular in relation to reputation and change. This applies to start-ups and established players alike.

In addition, many companies simply don’t use social media platforms for what they are intended for, i.e., to engage in a dialogue with their stakeholders. What we see is that these channels are often used for a one-sided push-out of product information.

For sure, no one should be hoping anymore to use social media for easy distribution and communication of their messages while leaving traditional media outlets out of the equation. No matter if press or social media, ideally content is always different and unique. If this is the case, one boosts the other and communication becomes consistent within itself.