// Public relations

Weber-Hydraulik is a long-standing echolot client. We support the company in its transformation process with targeted communication to ensure that the business continues to be perceived as a reliable B2B partner, leading manufacturer and attractive employer. This is achieved through an astute communication mix and ongoing presence in special interest publications, regional business media and the local press so that industry partners, the public as well as employees experience Weber-Hydraulik with its products and technologies as a well- established market player.

Weber Magazin EMIL aufgeschlagen

Content Creation

Together with echolot public relations, WEBER-HYDRAULIK launched the employee magazine “EMIL” to promote a sense of community among staff in a range of international sites and to serve as a powerful channel for internal communications. Based on the principle that every employee needs to be able to relate to and identify with the magazine’s content, “EMIL” is all about storytelling. Carrying the first name of the company’s founder, the magazine is published twice a year in three languages. The echolot.Group plans, writes, edits, designs and produces the publication.